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i know first-hand how scary and overwhelming it can be to invest in your own business. my approach is collaborative, strategic, and passionate to ensure your success.




I walk you through each aspect of the process to make sure you understand  the steps and feel on the same page. We find the magic between what you like + a whole lot of what is going to attract your ideal audience. 

My focus is to not only create a beautiful design but to also create a strategic design with thought and intention in every detail. Every  aspect should resonate with and captivate your ideal audience.

Who you are and what you create is special. I want to help everyone else see how special you are too. You deserve to work with someone who is as hyped about your new branding as you are. And to that I say: I got you. 

I grew up in a home of analytics who love and live in a land of numbers, but I saw the world through colors. I was always happiest when my time was spent painting, drawing, sculpting, acting, and writing poems.  

It was in college, studying graphic design, where my creative spirit was given purpose and I learned the magic that can be created with intentional use of shape, color, and typography. I learned that strong design and cohesive branding has a massive impact on people’s feelings and more importantly on their business decisions and life choices. 

Design matters. Story matters. And I would love to help you tell yours. 

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Over the years I’ve had the pleasure to work and design for a wide swath of businesses, from large companies such as Chick-fil-A and the Houston Ballet to small single-owned and operated companies such as Macy Pate Photography. Through it all, one valuable lesson has stuck with me: 

meet the

hi i'm colleen

For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by all things creative.

I'm a gluten free gal for health reasons, so I'm always in the kitchen testing out new "healthier" treats. 


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Call me a coffee snob, but French pressed coffee just hits different. Totally worth the extra time, I promise. 


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My husband and I are obsessed with traveling as much as possible. Lately we're on a real hiking and state park kick! 


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Am I secretly competitive at board games? Absolutely. But am I also secretly really good at them? You betcha!


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these are a few of my favorite things

Timeless yet Modern
Passionate & Fun
Thoughtfully Minimal
Strategic & Authentic 
True to You

my style is known for being

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